Welcome to the 17th annual IAIAsa Conference in the magical Western Cape!

The Western Cape is proud to host the 17th annual IAIAsa conference, to be held near the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa, with events taking place in and around the idyllic Lord Charles Hotel, located some ten minutes from Cape Town International Airport and twenty minutes from some of the very best vineyards and most beautiful scenery South Africa has to offer.

"Over a third of Africa's 1 billion inhabitants currently live in urban areas, but by 2030 that proportion will have risen to a half. According to a recent report from UN-HABITAT, the United Nations agency for human settlements, the population of some cities is set to swell by up to 85% in the next 15 years." - The Economist, 13 December 2010

It is well reported that urban buildings utilise around 15% of all potable water, consume up to 40% of all energy, produce up to 23% of worldwide emissions and generate around 40% of all waste!

South Africa is no exception, with 62% of our total population living in cities in 2010 and a predicted urbanisation rate of 1.2% per annum. Food and water shortages, poor infrastructure, lack of housing, and pollution and waste are among the environmental challenges faced by governments during such rapid urbanisation. The Integrated Environmental Management sector is faced with both a challenge and opportunity to contribute significantly to environmentally sustainable solutions for our cities for the future.

IAIAsa is responding to the challenge, and our conference this year is structured around an appropriate theme. We have created a professional platform for you to share perspectives and experiences and learn from industry champions. Skilled IAIAsa members will be on hand to facilitate engagement, encourage participation and help you to be an agent of positive change in our industry and society.

Driven by the need of our sector to be its voice and represent Integrated Environmental Management in South Africa, IAIAsa will also showcase and formalise its new strategy, which has been well received by the sector.

Come and share with us, learn with us and be part of those professionals who are serious about mainstreaming the principles of environmental management, helping to achieve a more sustainable society.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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